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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Snacks [4]

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    Ranch Pretzels are the perfect after school snack for the hungry kiddos. This delicious and light snack is ready in under 5 minutes and only requires 4 simple ingredients!
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    Puppy Chow is a snacking favorite that has been passed down for years in my family. It is a simple recipe that everyone absolutely loves! Using peanut butter, chocolate, and rice cereal you can create an easy, no...
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    I love puppy chow. Muddy buddy’s. Chum. Trash. It has a different name for every area of the country it seems. Here in Minnesota it is puppy chow. And it is Delicious.
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    This version of puppy chow is perfect for summertime fun... replicating the traditional flavors of a s' more but none of the fuss with a flame.
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